Planning Permissions & Listed Building Consents

At the outset of any project and before any work is started it is essential to get all necessary consents and permissions in place; many of which are mandatory. The Traditional Building and Conservation Company is able to guide you through this complex process. We can draw up detailed plans, liase with planning officers, conservation officers and other regulatory authorities in order to help you to achieve your proposals.

Building regulations now apply to projects on existing houses as well as new build.

The Importance of Understanding Old Technology

The construction of an old building and the techniques used are often different from modern building methods. We have experience in major renovations and restorations of both Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed properties and can advise you on the right materials and construction processes for the project. For example The concept of allowing an old building to breathe is often little understood and problems can arise if the wrong outer coatings are used.

The Importance of Understanding New Technology

In a new Building the latest ideas and technology are driven primarily to minimise energy consumption. This is a complicated process and some of the ideas are at the forefront of technology. We are up to date with new concepts and can apply them to your project. For example rain water harvester, underfloor heating with energy taken from the ground or solar.

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